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The students in the slideshow are studying fossils on KET EncycloMedia in Ms. Howell's 2nd grade classroom at Kit Carson Elementary in Madison County.

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What's New???

Check out the latest KET Educational Resource coming to you from KET's extremely talented Professional Development team. Raindrops to Rivers is a new K-12 PD resource that aids in teaching students about nonpoint source water pollution. Kentucky is rich in water resources with nearly 90,000 miles of rivers and streams and 637,000 acres of wetlands. We all have an impact on the quality of our water. Runoff from fields, lawns, and pavement carries oil, chemicals, agricultural waste, and other hazardous materials from our watersheds to our rivers. Kentucky’s watersheds eventually drain into the Mississippi River, so the runoff from Kentucky watersheds has the potential to impact water quality in the Gulf of Mexico.

This Professional Development Resource uses authentic video of Kentucky classrooms to showcase high quality instruction on watersheds and nonpoint source pollution. Also included are links to Kentucky Core Content and Program of Studies, lesson materials, and additional resources.

In addition to this resource, Raindrops to Rivers includes instructional videos for students: An Electronic Field Trip to a Watershed and a full-length documentary, Common Ground and Cleaner Water. More information on these videos is included in the Resources section.

For more information, contact KET Professional Development at
800-432-0951, ext.7271 or gro.tek|dp#gro.tek|dp . ᅠ

This work was produced jointly by KET, the Kentucky Division of Water, and the Kentucky Department of Education. It was funded in part by a grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency under §319(h) of the Clean Water Act. The Kentucky Division of Water directed funds for production to KET through the University of Louisville (Grant # C9994861-02).


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